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Advertising On “The Happy Sound Of Capital Radio”

Firstly, welcome to the UAEs newest and most exciting English radio station covering the entire UAE.

If you would like to advertise your product, or service(s) on “The Happy Sound of Capital Radio”, then we have created numerous “on air” packages for you to choose from, please see below.

Download the Capital Radio Media Pack below

Click here to download the Capital Radio Media Pack

Advertising on the UAE’s most popular National / Global English radio station, is both very easy and straightforward, Capital Radio UAE is all about flexibility, we create campaigns around your budget. More importantly, all our advertising rates and packages are typically -45% more cost effective than any of our main competitors, combined with a far larger audience to listen to your campaign and your core message.

As part of all our advertising packages you also receive dual branding on all of Capital Radio UAE social media platforms, in addition to your logo being listed as a sponsor on our free to use multi platform, any device, dedicated App. Just search Capital Radio UAE in your app store, or go to the ‘’How To Listen to Us Page’’ on this www site for direct links to our App and smart speaker stream plus the ‘’Alexa’’ voice commands.

Don’t worry if the current packages listed are not right for your product or service, if that’s the case then we will create a “bespoke campaign” for you, as were totally flexible in making sure we deliver your messages clear and precise across the UAE 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Happy Sound of Capital Radio- Target Age Demographic

Our target demographic and core audience is aimed at the AB’s over 35+ age segment, both male and female, of all UAE nationalities. This current UAE demographic and audience, in particular this age segment, has been deprived of music, combined with quality and professional radio presentation from the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s for nearly 12 years.

Capital Radio is now addressing and targeting this current un serviced UAE radio audience, of circa 1.2 Million UAE residents of all native English speaking nationalities, although we warmly welcome any nationality and any age group.

UAE Radio Audience Research- “The Official Facts”

In this key UAE age demographic of 35+, local research conducted in March 2021 has proved that in the UAE, the vast majority of all key decision makers and high net worth individuals AB’s our situated in this age segment and above.

Nielsen Data Research based in the UAE, recently conducted the first official UAE   audience radio listening results, based on a 3 month measurement campaign from January – March 2021 and published the results and findings in March 2021. Please see the facts and figures contained in our Media Packs see link above for download.

These official results revealed the following UAE radio audience statistics, which are as follows:

  • There are 8 Million listeners to UAE radio stations every week, that’s a staggering 97% national reach.
  • In our target 35+ audience and AB’ profile segment, listen to the radio for over 8 hours every week.
  • Age group 35-44 = 97% reach and time spent listening, 8.3 hours per week.
  • Age Group 45-54 = 92% reach and time spent listening, 8.45 hours per week.
  • Age Group 55-70 = 90% reach and time spent listening, 7 hours per week
  • 313,000 UAE over 35’s (AB’s) Native English speaking residents listen on line every week.
  • 772, 000 UAE over 35’s (AB’s) All other Nationalities residents listen on line every week.
  • 1 Million UAE residents all over 35’+ listen on line each week.
  • Western ex pats make up a total reach of 97% of all age segments.
  • 71,185,840, that’s the total number of hours the UAE population spend listening to the radio every week.
  • 427,000 UAE residents turn on the radio every 15 minutes.
  • Where do we listen to the UAE radio….70% of the UAEs population (post pandemic) now listen at home, 20% while traveling, 10% at school or college.
  • How do we listen to the UAE radio…Following the current Global pandemic listening habits have changed dramatically in the UAE and we all know that habits are very hard to break. Currently in the UAE, 85% of the UAEs population listen to UAE radio on line, mobile Apps, www sites, or smart speakers. 15% listen on FM.
  • What time do we listen to the radio… there are three key listening segments…6-9am 5.8 Million, 4-8pm 5.46 Million and 8-12pm 5.2 Million listeners.

Source: the above UAE radio audience listening results are segments taken from the official Nielsen Data Research published in March 2021.

Capital Radio UAE Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

Ok, so the facts say that UAE residents spend a long time listening to the radio. So here’s the enormous opportunity for you to promote your product or service with Capital Radio UAE and target this key 35+ influential and high net worth age demographic, across the UAE.

The table below details the advertising packages available now. However, we can bespoke / tailor and offer you any of these which can also be both combined and wrapped as a single package, to promote your product and / or service, in your key vertical market. Capital Radio UAE represents all UAE markets with creative ear-catching audio messages and core programme content so as to attract listeners to your products or services.  Our key message is that we will always fit around your requirements.

Our advertising campaigns run from 2 weeks to 1 year,  and again these are tailored around your requirements.

Sales – How To Contact Us:

If you would like to know more about our advertising products, we have made it very easy for you to get in touch, all the various social media and contact platforms are on the www site and for ease also detailed below:

Telephone General : + 97150 8270333
Telephone Advertising Sales: + 97150 8270333
Email General:
Tweet: @capitalradiouae
Facebook: UAECR
Instagram: capitalradiouae
What’s App: + 97150 8270333